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New to Raw Starter Pack

New to Raw Starter Pack


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If your dog is just starting on a raw diet, this is a great choice to get them going on the right track. This pack contains 4 different proteins and all meals are fully ground.

1 Medium Case Chicken Meal (8x3lb)
4 x 3lb Essentials Formula Chicken & Beef
4 x 3lb Beef Complete Meal

Feeding Instructions

Step 1: Start using chicken meal for the first few weeks to allow your dog to adjust to the new diet with a protein source that is not as rich.

Step 2: After a few weeks on Chicken Meal, begin introducing the Essentials Formula Chicken & Beef; this will assist in slowly introducing beef into the diet.

Step 3: After one to two weeks on the Essentials Formula Chicken and Beef, you can introduce the Beef Complete Meal.

Step 4: Once your dog is doing well with the Beef Meal you can introduce the Essentials Formula Bison and Turkey.

When your dog is finished with this variety pack, they should be completely assimilated into a raw food diet. Remember, every dog is different and some may take more time to switch than others.  If you have any questions regarding switching your dog to a raw food diet, please feel free to contact us.


Feed 2-3% of your dog's ideal body weight daily. Feed 2-3% of your puppies expected adult body weight, divided into 2-3 meals daily.

To portion the tubes, leave in fridge for 6-10 hours, cut into desired size and refreeze. 

If fully defrosting, run tube under warm water for 5 secdonds. Cut off plastic, place into sealed container, defrost and feed within 4 days.

Store pet food separately from human food. 

Click here for a video on how to use the tubes.

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