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Ground Chicken Carcass - 2lbs

Ground Chicken Carcass - 2lbs


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**Also available in a 20lb case for a 5% savings.** A great way to supplement a raw food diet at an excellent cost ($2.00/lb). Ground chicken carcass provides a source of lean meat and is an excellent source of calcium. It is not intended to be a complete diet and must be fed in conjunction with meat and organs. If it is being fed in conjunction with balancer it can be up to 50% of the diet, if it is being used to supplement a variety of meals it is recommended that it is no more than 20% of the overall diet.

*No hormones or steroids. No preservatives, grains or fillers*

*Only wholesome, fresh ingredients*


Ground chicken carcass. (Chicken backs, necks, frame.)

Feeding Instructions

Ground Chicken Carcass is not a complete meal and needs to be fed with appropriate amounts of muscle meat and organs.

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