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Beef Green Tripe (Whole, cubed) - 2 lbs

Beef Green Tripe (Whole, cubed) - 2 lbs


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Cut into approximately 2" x 2" cubes. Vacuum sealed in 2 lb bags.

Green tripe is considered one of the best canine super foods, rich in “good” bacteria that aid in digestion called lactic acid bacteria or lactobacillus acidophilus. Also rich in enzymes, essential fatty acids, amino acids and gastric juices, green tripe is considered a “canine super food.”

Green tripe is not intended for human consumption. Tripe for human consumption is bleached and scalded and has no nutritional value for dogs. Green tripe would fit into the meat portion of your dog's diet - it is not considered an organ.

Let your dog be your guide for how much tripe you feed, but generally 10-30% of the diet can consist of green tripe. The Beef Green Tripe comes ground or cubed. The ground tripe is surprisingly easy to handle for even the most squemish raw feeder!

Remember, a balanced raw diet should consist of about 80% meat, 10% organs and 10% bone. Fruits and vegetables are optional and can make up to 20% of the diet. Green tripe fits into the meat portion of the diet. When balancing the diet, do your research and use what works best for you and your dog!


Green Beef Tripe.

Feeding Instructions

Can be fed as a treat or part of a blanced meal. Green tripe shoud not exceed 30% of you pets overall diet.

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