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  • Variety Pack - Bones and Balancer

**Please note Turkey Necks are out of stock. They will be replaced with Chicken Backs.** A great mix of 6 different protein sources with a good balance of raw meaty bones, muscle meat, organs, fresh fruits and vegetables. Know that you are doing the best for your dog feeding a great mix of fresh foods that will provide all of the essential components of a raw food diet. 

There are 20lbs of balancers and 20lbs of bones in this variety pack.

Please note that if a product in the variety pack is sold out, it will be replaced with something of approximate equal value.

10 x 2lb Raw meaty bone balancer

4 x 2lb Chicken backs

2 x 2lb Pork Side Ribs

2 x 2lb Lamb Necks

2 x 2lb Duck Necks


*No subsitions allowed* If the items in the variety pack do not work for your pet, please order balancer and bones individually, which can be found under "ground foods" and "meaty bones". 


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Variety Pack - Bones and Balancer

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