Inner Carnivore Blog

Our products will now be packaged in 1lb and 3lb tubes!

Some of the benefits of our new tubes include:

~ Less plastic waste. ~Less food waste. ~Keeps food fresh. ~Easier to portion. ~Easy to store and space efficient

How to use:

  • Remove plastic BEFORE defrosting
  • Place the frozen tube in a sealed container and defrost in the fridge
  • Portion and feed as needed
  • Use within 4 days

Container sizes will need to be aproximately 6" long for 1 pound bags. Approximately 13'' long and 4" deep for the 3 pound bags. And approximately 15'' long and 5.5" deep for the 6 pound bags.

To make individual sized portions:

  • Place tube in fridge just long enough for it to soften (1-8 hours depending on tube size and fridge temperature).
  • Do not fully defrost when portioning for refreezing. 
  • Cut into appropriate sized pucks.
  • Refreeze and take out for meals as needed. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!